About Luding Chain Bridge

Luding Bridge, also known as the iron chain bridge, located in Luding County of Sichuan Province on the Dadu River, according to legend, Emperor Kangxi emperor unified China, to strengthen the Sichuan Tibet area of cultural and economic exchanges royal assent to build the bridge and on the bridge vertical Royal brand. The bridge was built in 1705, built in 1706, is a masterpiece of Chinese ancient bridge construction, the first batch of the State Council announced the national key cultural relics protection units.

Scenic Information

Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture
Luding County,



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  • The painting shows the long march a dangerous battle. Author in order to show the topography of evil, will iron chain bridge placed on the screen in the upper part, by looking up to the point of to reflect to seize the countenance of bridge of the Red Army warrior, while highlighting the river swift and on both sides of the steep.

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  • Actually this painting is more like a picture have the character of the history of landscape painting, the author in the processing environment and the atmosphere of war under the great time, pen with color rough unrestrained, the muddy river highlights the "urgent", a steep hill highlights the word "risk" flame smoke highlights the "impossible" is a word.

    Author Liu Guoshu